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Noah's Arks

Heirloom Noah's Ark

Our exquisite handcrafted Heirloom Noah's Ark ( 17" x 8" x 8"; 43cm x 20cm x 20cm) will be treasured for generations to come. It was designed by Gunther Keil in 1993 and is found in museums and collections around the world. It features wild animals from all seven continents. Natural dyes and exotic woods enhance details, for example, zebrawood and rosewood are used to craft some African animals. Male and female characteristics are defined on many animal pairs. The standard set includes 42 figure, 18 additional animals (9 pairs) are also available. We have many testimonials from people who are thrilled with our Heirloom Ark by Wild Apples

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Play Noah's Ark

If you are looking for a Noah’s Ark for a child, seek no further. Our Play Ark ( 17" x 9" x 8"; 43cm x 23cm x 20cm) is a sturdy wooden toy made for children to enjoy. It is constructed with small wooden wheels to roll along the floor. The red roof is removable for easy access to the cabin, which houses 24 figures with plenty of extra room for 12 optional additional animals and more.




Miniature Noah's Ark

Our miniature Noah’s Ark (9" x 5"x 5"; 24cm x 12cm x 12cm) houses 60 animals, Noah and his wife, a gangplank and a descriptive letter. Sixteen different varieties of wood define individual animals; and males and females are often distinguished. An optional display stand (12" x 7½" x 3") can be purchased. The number of little wooden animals that fit into this Ark is truly astounding.

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