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Repacking Instructions

Click on the links below to view Repacking Instructions for our various products

Arks | Nativity Sets | Habitats



Heirloom Ark

Here is a suggested diagram for repacking the fourty-two wooden animals inside the cabins in the ark. Additional animals fit on top of the original set.

Play Ark

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Miniature Ark

The sixty animals and other figures are packed in eight layers. If you have difficulty fitting your figures into the ark, we suggest that you place the animals with the help of tweezers.

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Nativity Sets

Christmas Story

The 19 pieces fit into the barn in three horizontal layers

Play Nativity

Fill the box according to the layers in picture 1, 2, and 3.
Add the camel, donkey, kneeling wise man and crib in the forth layer.

Nativity Scene

Repack the nativity figures in four horizontal layers.

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The small set of wooden figures fits inside the Brontosaurus Habitat in five vertical rows.


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Kitten Caboodle

Follow the steps in the pictures to fit the set of small wooden figures inside the cat box. Begin by stacking the two chairs and carefully fitting them between the legs of the table and placing them into the front of the cat box as seen in picture number three. Then place the remaining figures horizontally into the space left in the box.

Dog House

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