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Frequently Asked Questions:

How big are the animals in the Heirloom Ark in comparison to the Play Ark and the miniature Noah's Ark?
As you can see in the picture I have used a quarter to show the comparative size of animals for each ark. The animals of the Heirloom Ark and the miniature Noah's Ark are not recomended for children under three.

Do you ship to countries outside the USA?
Yes, we ship throughout the world, usually with US Postal Service air mail. We can accomodate special requests for other carriers.

How much does it cost to ship and Heirloom Noah's Ark to Canada?
With UPS to closer Provinces or USPS to further ones it costs $ 17.85

How much does it cost to ship an Heirloom Ark to Europe, Australia, or NZ?

With US Postal Service air mail it will cost $ 38.25 and it will take 1 to three weeks. Faster services are available, please email or call.

Do you use lead paints?
No, of course not. All our finishes and colors are non toxic.

Can I call you?

Yes, please, my telephone number is 607 387 6315, prefeferably during a business day from 9 to 4 EST